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We assist you to Save your time to get License easier & faster
Imported Feed and Feed Additives was requested by Ministry of Agriculture since 2000 [Full Story]  
New requirements of total 86 items including SBM/DDGs.. are also need to be obtained MOA China License from 1/1/2013, [notice #1773]  
Food products (fish oil/tallow/seafood) exporter/agent pre-registration started from Oct 2012, please proceed [Full Story]  
  Full Range of Our Services
MOA China License registration, renewal, variation and correction
Consultancy for AQSIQ Establishment of Registration
Consultancy for animal feedstuffs trading practice in China.
AQSIQ registration for Exporter/agent in food grade products
Enquiry, please email us at or tel (852) 2871 0708
  Important Notice - AQSIQ
China AQSIQ Registration -US- Sugar Beet Pulp Approved List (Total: 16 plants) Updat
China AQSIQ Registration - Philippnes - Pet Food Approved List 5 Aug 2016 (Total: 1 plant)
China AQSIQ Registration -US- Alfalfa Approved List (Total: 58 plants) Updated:12 May 2016
China AQSIQ Registration -Australia - Oaten Hay Approved List - 4 May 2016 (Total: 24 plants)
  Policies Update
Canola Meal Chinese Label Sample
China National Standard Feed Label GB 10648-2013 (English)
Registration Required for Foreign Food Product Exporters
MOA # 1935 Fishmeal Down Grade Notification
  List of China License - MOA
MOA China License # 2469 (07-2016) No 314-393 Australia, Thailand, U
MOA China License #2469 (06-2016) alteration for China License
MOA China License # 2453 (06-2016) No 264-313 US, Belgium, Spain...
MOA China License #2453 (05-2016) alteration for China License
     Application Form to Download  
MOA China License new registration form
MOA China License renewal form
MOA China License alert form
AQSIQ Registration of establishment form
Application Form of Food Exporter/Agent
 MOA China License
 License Application
. License Application Form
. Documents + Sample Requirements
. View Sample of License
. Apply License now !!
 License Renewal
. When to Renew ?
. China License Renewal Application Form
. Renew License Now!!
  License Alternation
. Alternation Form
. Apply Now !!
  MOA Regulation

China MOA Notice #1773 (part 3) - Animal Protein

. China MOA Notice #1773 (part 4) - 86 raw ingredients list
. No. 1773 Decree 2012 (Chinese)
 AQSIQ Regulation
. Registration Required for Foreign Food Product Exporters
. Hygiene & Quarantine Requirements
. Animal Feed Products List
. Chinese Label (Red FM)
. Chinese Label (White FM)
  AQSIQ Product List
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